Past Presidents of PIADA - Mariada
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Past Presidents of PIADA

We have 60 years of history at PIADA.

Each President provides strategic leadership and interacts with Staff regularly to benefit the Members and PIADA. Since our merger in July 2015, the PIADA President is now the President of PIADA, MDIADA, and DEIADA.

Here are some of our more recent Past Presidents of PIADA

Tom Brandis

President 2016-Current

John DeFilippo

President 2014-2016

Tad Swift

President 2013-2014

Tom Brandis

President 2012-2013

Steve Worley

President 2011-2012

Andy Gabler

President 2010-2011

John Kyner

President 2009-2010

Fran Morelli

President 2008-2009

Jeff Dreier

President 2006-2007

Vickie Hoover – Price

President 2005-2006

Joe Pantone

President 2003-2005

Danny Limongelli

President 1991-1993